Kinderen Turns 30!

This year, Kinderen Early Childhood Education turns 30 years old! It s the longest running family-owned Early Childhood Centre in Taranaki and the extended Kinderen whanau enjoyed coming together to have a birthday party full of reunions, laughter and plenty of food.

Children of all ages and their parents,past staff members and current families – everyone joined in to sing happy birthday and share the cake Karen made. The cake was a fabulous train with 30 carriages! One for each year and it was interesting to see the different types of food that Kinderen has served to children over the years  – the babies rusks are still cooked exactly the same way…

Kinderen has a long history or supplying quality care and education for children from birth to 5 years old. 30 years of supplying meals, nappies, formula and amazingly gifted teachers shows a commitment to Taranaki families that is second to none. The management of this business really care about it’s people, clients, community, colleagues in the sector and most importantly – the children who spend their days learning, playing and growing inside it’s walls.

We invite comments and memories form anyone associated with Kinderen through the years to add them to our Facebook page or our Website – we would lo e to hear from you!

It’s Christmas Time

What do you remember about Christmas from when you were a child? Special food, the smell of the Christmas tree or the dusty decorations being pulled out of the cupboard, seeing family, laughing and fun. Or are your memories of stressed adults, shouting and tears, rushing and worrying? What do you want your children to remember about Christmas? What traditions do you want to create for them? Now is the best time to start – or carry on – family traditions that your children will remember with happiness and love to tell their children about.

Christmas is a time to share with loved ones, celebrate the achievements of the year and plan for the future together. It doesn’t have to cost money, let’s teach our children to find meaningful ways of giving, not get caught up in the hype of the commercial Christmas but instead to create thoughtful memories for those we love.075

At Kinderen, we pull out the Christmas decorations each year; we invite and encourage the children to create more decorations to add to our unique collection. The older children love to look through and show their younger friends decorations they remember from last year. Then they make more – and show their friends how it is done. Often we research new ways of making decorations together and extend our skills – we make enough for children to take some home and add to their own Christmas tree.

Our Kinderen Christmas tree gets decorated and redecorated as some of the children show a keen interest in design and creating beauty. The whole centre becomes a Christmas wonderland and we look through our photos from last year, remembering the fun, the shared kai with our families and the friends who have moved on. The children are supported to take a leading role in creating and participating in Kinderen’s special Christmas traditions and in exchange they feel a sense of belonging that transfers into a self-confidence and self-possession rarely seen in such young children.

Merry Christmas everyone – peace and joy to you and your family.