Parent Testimonials

To all the baby centre staff, THANKYOU!! For all the love, wisdom, kindness, enthusiasm, encouragement and care you have given our family. We could not have dreamed of more when we enrolled Georgia all those years ago, the care all our children have received has been incredible and the support and advice you have given us. It is with a bit of sadness that our daily routine will not include a visit or two to your peaceful centre. We will be sure to visit.

– Jo (mother of 3, who came to Kinderen as a child), Matt, Georgia, Leah & Will

It was so nice to welcome Jo back to our centres as a new mother. Jo was one of the original children to start at Kinderen when it first opened.”

– Karen Vandenberg

Dear Baby Centre Staff, Thank you so much for taking such good care of our little girlShe has enjoyed her time with you so much and learnt so much as well.

– Cathy, Craig, Xanthe and Jonty.

Dear “Little Centre”, Thank you all for taking such good loving care of Jack. Amazing to think back over what he’s learned and achieved since he’s been with you. The appreciation of nature, constructing (and deconstructing!), paint and glue and play dough, music and more music and dancing, jumping and climbing, polite behaviour and social rituals. And so much more I can’t remember. We look forward to the next phases with eager anticipation.

– Jack, Larissa and John.

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