Kinderen has a nursery devoted to caring for our youngest children, this provides infants with a safe place to explore, learn and interact with each other and their primary carers. There is a comfortable arm chair for breast or bottle feeding and parents/whānau are warmly welcomed to come and visit in their lunch breaks or just pop in to join our family.

Little Centre

Parent Testimonial

Elias mum and baby 1I brought my then 5 month old exclusively breastfed baby into Kinderen for care earlier this year in February when I only had 1.5 days until returning to work. Although this was a very short transition period, I felt 100% comfortable that my son was being looked after in a loving and caring way. The transition was personable to my son and I felt relieved to know he was in genuine caring hands. Over the time that my son has attended Kinderen, the staff have proven to be more than just caregivers. Kinderen have also proven to be what some might consider an extended family. Being a first time parent, transplant from the USA and being far away from our immediate family, I often turn to Kinderen for parental advice like one would do with family. Additionally, Kinderen has also been a key support in helping me meet my breastfeeding goals with my son. We are about 1.5 months away from meeting my breastfeeding goal of 1 year. During the past year, Kinderen have been more than flexible with our family by welcoming us to breastfeed during my lunch break every day, this along with pumping breaks at work have made our breastfeeding goal possible. Kinderen staff have been nothing short of outstanding.

– Marissa