Once a week, during the first school term, the Kinderen Preschool take part in a private session of either Playball run by the Taranaki Playball coaches.

In the summer months, we have the Playball coaches some right here to our backyard. The session is run by one or two coaches with our teachers supporting. The main objective of Playball is to provide children with the opportunity to develop a host of necessary social, educational and personal skills. This is important to understand! This is a sports program – but with the underlying goals firmly based in developing the child as a person, not necessarily as a sportsperson.


What is Playball? Playball is a movement and sports development program for children aged 2-7, in which they are exposed to an array of sporting skills and important physical attributes such as coordination, balance and spacial awareness. Children also learn essential life skills such as confidence, concentration, self-discipline and independence, all vital early learning goals that are basic building blocks for living successful lives, and essential to be put in place in these formative years of the child’s life.

Playball 2