About The Preschool

Kinderen’s Preschool is a home away from home, there are lots of people to play with and learn from and lots of interesting, fun and exciting resources to use. The teachers are gentle and nurturing with a love of fun and learning, they enjoy stimulating children’s curiosity and researching new ideas together. Teaching focuses very strongly on caring for ourselves, each other and our environment, creating happy, empathetic young people who are confident and competent socially, physically and cognitively.

We believe that quality care and education is best provided in a small group setting. Our Preschool has a maximum of 28 children at any one time, so you can be assured that your child will receive the care and guidance they need to enjoy their preschool years and be ready to start primary school when they leave.

We believe in giving lots of one-on-one attention, so we keep our teacher to child ratios higher that ministry standards. Our teachers are all professionally trained early childhood educators and our team is a tight-knit one.

We are New Plymouth’s oldest family-run childcare centre. We believe our focus for creating a warm, family environment is the secret to our ongoing success. We know parents have a lot of choices and we’re thrilled that we have remained first choice for such a long time.

Parents are busy, we understand that. That’s why at Kinderen we make it easy by providing delicious and nutritious meals, we also support transition to school learning for children at meal times by putting aside one day a week for our older children to participate in packing their own lunch box and eating together as they would at school. Our extended opening hours are designed to cater for busy professionals. We use an online and secure learning portfolio, so you can see your child’s progress and share it with family anywhere in the world.

At Kinderen we know that children not only love being outside but they also learn from nature. Kinderen children are taken for regular trips to local farms and forest reserves so they can explore freely in a safe and secure group.


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