Kinderen Philosophy – Kaupapa o Kinderen

Kinderen Philosophy – Kaupapa o Kinderen

Respect is important to us at Kinderen.  We are respectful with each other and of all living things within our environment.

We work hard to develop meaningful and trusting relationships with the children in our care and their whānau.  These relationships form the foundation of future learning and development and allow for the child and their whānau to feel safe and welcome within our Centre.

We acknowledge New Zealand’s bicultural heritage and multicultural society. We give our children opportunities to learn about their own and other cultures. We have an in-depth knowledge of Te Whāriki and include all the strands, principles and virtues in our daily curriculum.

We create an environment where personal worth is valued and encouraged, by being aware of  family’s needs and culture, and by providing a loving environment that allows children the opportunity to make choices and determine their own actions.

We provide a curriculum where children can learn through active exploration of their environment.  Children will be given the opportunity and be encouraged to develop knowledge, skills and dispositions. We assess and plan our programme, valuing children’s and their whānau’s contributions.

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Primary Caregiving at Kinderen


Many centres advertise that they provide ‘Primary Caregivers’ for children who attend. In most centres this means that there are 3 teachers who care for each child, the first teacher is the ‘primary’, the second teacher is the ‘secondary’ and steps in when the primary is busy or away and the third teacher is the ‘third’ when both the primary and the secondary are busy and/or away. In a centre that caters for 50 to 100 children, this is really important because there could be 5 to 10 adults interacting with each child every day which can get pretty overwhelming for infants.


Having a Primary Caregiver for each child is certainly good practice in ECE centres and that is why we keep our child and adult numbers small here at Kinderen. For example, in our little centre we have a team of 5 teachers, 2 who work predominately in the nursery with around 6 children (which gives our infants a primary and a secondary caregiver) and 3 who work with the toddlers (which gives these children 3 teachers to choose from). We encourage our children to choose who they wish to interact with and we follow their lead.


However at Kinderen, we believe that a child’s parents/whanau are their REAL Primary Carers and that we are their extended family, here to support, nurture and cherish every day.


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