About The Little Centre

66 Buller Street is a repurposed house, and we have done everything to ensure it feels just like home for you and your pēpi. We think it is important for our tamariki to be able to sleep in peace, as well as explore until their heart’s content. The different rooms we have give us the ability to work in small groups if we like, and for our smallest friends to have a quiet safe spaces to explore uninterrupted, especially whilst they are still developing their gross motor skills.

When you walk in, you are likely to smell good things from the kitchen hub, the teachers are gentle and nurturing, they love the children with genuine warmth and caring. The Little Centre provides educational resources and learning opportunities woven throughout the care routines of the day. Our outdoor environment is our very own wilderness, providing us with endless opportunities for play and learning, no matter the weather! The natural environment invites all of papatūānuku’s creatures to join us during the day, so we are constantly surrounded by the sounds of nature- such a peaceful setting for tamariki.

The sleep room is a peaceful sanctuary, where the tamariki can sleep, have bottles, read and relax, at any point during the day. We follow their cues, and work closely with whānau to ensure we are creating links between home and Kinderen to ensure they feel safe and secure at all times. We believe in an unhurried, ritual based approach, nurturing their needs at all times.

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Each child is cared for according to their own routine and whānau wishes and the teachers follow each child’s individual needs closely – children under 2 years old have a ‘notebook’ for parents and teachers to write in and keep each other up-to-date with all the little and big things that happen each day. At the Little Centre, all meals, bottles and nappies are provided as well as an excellent ‘above ministry standards’ ratio of 1 Teacher to every 3 children under two years old. The two year old ratio is slightly higher at 1 Teacher to every 4 children as they are working hard to become more independent. The Little Centre has a license for 21 tamariki, so we get to keep our group size small.

Our Kinderen Little Centre is different to other centres in so many ways—we truly are like an extension of your home e.g. If your child is slow to move in the mornings and would really rather have a cuddle than get dressed, bring them in their pjs and we will give them some breakfast and gently help them start their day, getting dressed, brushing hair and cleaning our teeth are all important parts of learning self-care skills that our teachers are ready and willing to help with. Having such a high teacher ratio enables us to spend those special times with children, making opportunities for building relationships and learning together. This also allows you to have a stress-free start to your day, meeting your child’s needs at home, then knowing they are so well cared for at Kinderen.

At Kinderen we believe completely that a child’s relationships and interactions with others shape cognitive, physical and emotional learning – and the first years of a child’s life are the MOST important for this foundational learning!

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