“Kinderen – where we truly are like an extension of your own home.”

2016 Marketing 111

At Kinderen, we are all about children – our name even means ‘children’ in Dutch.

  • We love nature! At Kinderen we know that children not only love being outside but they also learn from nature.
  • We keep things simple. We don’t see the need for big plastic toys when we know our rope swings, gardens and sandpits are going to stimulate your child so much more.
  • We believe that quality care and education is best provided in a small group setting.
  • We’ve got great people! Our teachers are all professional trained early childhood educators and our team is a tight-knit one.
  • We are New Plymouth’s oldest family-run childcare centre.
  • We understand that parents are busy. That’s why at Kinderen we provide delicious and nutritious meals, nappies and anything else your child needs.
  • We have extended opening hours designed to cater for busy professionals.
  • We use an online and secure learning portfolio, so you can see your child’s progress and photos and share it all with family anywhere in the world.
  • At Kinderen, we think of ourselves as a family, and our centres as a stepping stone between your child’s home and a school environment.

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